I started teaching as a tutor during my PhD in the summer term of 2016. I was a tutor for exercises accompanying econometric lectures at the University of Cologne. Two years later, I took a full-time position at the Goethe University Frankfurt, where I was teaching courses on applying advanced quantitative methods for social scientists. I’ve also given a course on multilevel modeling at the Frankfurt Summer School, which was open for PhD students. I teach in English and German, online and in-person, from BA to PhD. As the figures on this page show, students’ evaluations of my courses have been positive throughout this time.

In addition, I’ve supervised various Bachelor’s and Master’s theses during my time in Frankfurt.

Past courses and evaluations

Wordcloud based on students' evaluations of my courses
  • SS 2022: Längsschnittdatenanalyse in R (4 h): 1.5/6
  • WS 2021/22: Vergleichende Sozialforschung mit Mehrebenenmodellen in R (4 h): 1.8/6
  • Aug 2021: Frankfurt Digital Summer School: Multilevel Analysis
  • SS 2021: Laegsschnittdatenanalyse und Kausalitaet (digital): 1.2/6
  • WS 2020/21: Laengsschnittdatenanalyse und Kausalitaet (digital): 1.2/6
  • SS 2020: Laengsschnittdatenanalyse und Kausalitaet (digital): 1.4/6
  • WS 2019/20: Vergleichende Sozialforschung mit Mehrebenenmodellen (4 h): 1.5/6
  • SS 2019: Analyzing longitudinal data and the issue of causality (4 h): 1.4/6
  • WS 2018/19: Quantitative comparative social research with multi-level modeling (4 h): 1.6/6
  • SS 2018: An applied introduction into quantitative comparative social research (block): 1.7/5 (unofficial)
  • WS 2017/18: Analysis of cross-sectional data (tutor): 1.4/5
  • SS 2017: Analysis of longitudinal data (tutor). No evaluation
  • WS 2016/17: Analysis of cross-sectional data (tutor): 1.6/5
  • SS 2016: Analysis of longitudinal data (tutor): 2.0/5

For all evaluations 1.0 = best