I am a social scientist at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University, and the Department of Sociology with Focus on Quantitative Methods for Social Research, Goethe University Frankfurt. Currently, I’m a fellow at Tel Aviv University, funded by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

My research focuses on attitudes, immigration, and political communication using quantitative and computational methods as well as natural language processing. The results were published in esteemed general social science journals like Social Forces, European Sociological Review (1 and 2), European Journal of Political Research, and top-tier specialty outlets such as Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (1 and 2), International Migration Review, and Mass Communication and Society. My work received the Janet A. Harkness Award of the World Association for Public Opinion Research and the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the German Preis der Fritz Thyssen Stiftung für sozialwissenschaftliche Aufsätze. Moreover, the findings were featured in national and international media, and influenced policy institutions such as the World Bank, the European Parliament and the International Labour Organization. For my information on my research see here, my CV is available here.

In addition to researching, I have been teaching quantitative methods and research design for several years, including the supervision of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.

Feel free to contact me at czymara(at)tauex.tau.ac.il or follow me on Mastodon at @cczymara@sciences.social.